Property management

You currently own a holiday home, a cottage or a condo in the region and you want to maximize your investment ??? Entrust the management of your building to a company like CHALETS BOIS ROND.

Being a small responsible company, concerned with details and customer service, we can be attentive and available to our customers. With more than 15 years of experience, we are a specialist property management and leasing team that you can trust! We own 7  log cabins (so we speak and act knowingly). We also manage 11 other short term rental homes (all owners make a profit at the end of the year). Our priority is therefore the owner and transparency is our strength!

Another point to consider is the importance of our visibility, our high standard and the quality of our customer base. Our website is in the top 5 search engines for cottage rentals in Quebec. We receive more than 100 booking requests a day … Be part of our success!

Also, we want to mention that we are a legal company! This may seem unusual, but most people who rent cottages, agencies or some businesses are not CITQ certified or have the residential / commercial zoning required to rent the properties. That being said, we have the knowledge regarding legislation, regulations and laws regarding the rental of properties.

The services offered by CHALETS BOIS ROND are designed to offer you the peace of mind and profitability of a second home. We are looking for quality rentals according to criteria specific to a high-end clientele. Our goal is to ensure that every homeowner can maximize the investment of their property and even make a profit at the end of the year while ensuring that the condition of the home is impeccable and even better than before.

– Turnkey: Receive your income every month
– À la Carte: Choose the services you need only
– Referral Program: We refer you bookings in exchange for a commission

It’s very simple, it’s a turnkey! We take complete charge of your home:
– Transparency: Access to all reservations / customer profile / accounting
– Housekeeping, landscaping and maintenance
– Maintenance of the spa / pool by a specialist
– Supervision and regular inspections
– Emergency interventions 24h / 7d
– Professional bilingual cottage booking service
– Strong network of service providers
– Advertising, display and other means of communication of renting your property on several platforms
– Gifts to guests upon arrival at the cottage to enhance their stay
– Commission for you if you find yourself landlords
– You have access to your chalet at all times

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss your property management needs and how CHALETS BOIS ROND can help you maximize your investment.

Contact us: 514-510-8944